Schlossberg opposes un-American, extreme Pa. constitutional amendments

HARRISBURG, July 8 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg today said he voted against legislation that proposes five amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

“The proposed constitutional amendments reflect some of the most radical elements of American politics. The concepts are grounded in unfounded election conspiracies, the un-American premise that women should not have the autonomy to make their own reproductive decisions, and that the right to vote is something you must earn, rather than a constitutionally protected right. 

“After repeatedly failing to get their way, extremist Republicans cannot accept reality and instead try to change the rules of the game to increase the odds that they get their way. Pennsylvanians are not interested in election conspiracies. I also think Republicans are going to learn a very hard lesson from voters: a woman’s right to make her reproductive decisions belongs to her, not a politician in Harrisburg. 

“The United States Supreme Court has made clear that states are the place where voting rights and reproductive health are to be protected. When a justice of the Supreme Court tells us that prior rulings on marriage equality and contraception should be reviewed and overturned, believe him because the court has already overturned Roe v Wade and gutted the Voting Rights Act. It is our job, now, to fight anti-American attempts like the amendments included in Senate Bill 106 because they are the first attempts by extremists in Harrisburg to do exactly what Justice Clarence Thomas wants to do,” Schlossberg said.

In Pennsylvania, proposed constitutional amendments must pass the state House and Senate in two consecutive legislative sessions before going to the voters. This is the first time the proposed amendments have passed the General Assembly. The earliest they could appear on the ballot is in the May 2023 primary election.