Schweyer, Schlossberg, McNeill, and Siegel applaud funding for community projects

HARRISBURG, May 21 – State Reps. Peter Schweyer, Michael Schlossberg, Jeanne McNeill, and Josh Siegel today announced that $177,623 in Local Share Account Program grants have been approved for projects throughout Lehigh County.

“Being able to bring funding resources back to the community is one of the highlights of being a state representative,” said Schweyer. “The funding I helped secure will go toward purchasing a cutting-edge video wall that will allow multiple users to share and manipulate content, simultaneously allowing more efficient sharing of critical information as well as improved decision-making. Additionally, 12 radios will be purchased for use by the Emergency Management and 911 Communications Staff of Lehigh County ensuring that communications are reliable and protected especially in emergency situations.”

“These funds will help residents of Lehigh County be confident that they are being served with the best technology available for emergency management and response, and make our streets safer,” said Schlossberg. “I am proud to partner with local government leaders to secure the funds for these efforts.”

“I am grateful to work with many of my colleagues to bring back funding for those who live in the Lehigh Valley,” said McNeill. “Not only will this funding help their communities, but it will also help mine. Whitehall Township is home to multiple petroleum transfer and storage facilities located in populous areas, posing unique concerns for the township fire department. This funding will allow for the purchase of a foam trailer to respond to fires that are not battled with water, mitigating those concerns. A water meter will also be replaced due to it nearing the end of its useful life and becoming more costly to operate.”

“Within Lehigh County resides a community of people all coming from different backgrounds, working to provide their families and themselves with the best quality of life possible,” said Siegel. “As servants to our community, my colleagues and I can bolster their quality of living that they might often feel is out of their control. When we give back resources, like this state funding, to the community we are fulfilling our role in state government. I am proud that we were able to work together to give back to those who work hard for the economy of the Lehigh Valley.”

Projects receiving funding include:

  • $72,583 to purchase radios for the emergency management center in the city of Allentown.
  • $72,000 to purchase equipment, including a foam trailer for departments in the township to use.
  • $20,868 to replace a dated water meter in Catasauqua Borough.
  • $8,114 for a video wall project for its emergency operations facility located in the city of Allentown.
  • $4,058 for a traffic safety initiative located in South Whitehall Township.

LSA grant funding is funded by gaming revenue and administered through the Commonwealth Financing Authority, which was established in 2004 to administer Pennsylvania's economic stimulus packages.