State Rep. Mike Schlossberg issued this statement on the recent 2017-18 state budget vote

 “This proposal helps to balance the bipartisan budget, which increases our commitment to job growth and our community schools. It will also help to maintain tuition breaks for Pennsylvania residents who attend some of our great universities like Penn State, Pitt and Temple.

“This is not a perfect plan. We will need to wrestle with a structural deficit going into 2018. We need to enact a tax on gas drillers, close corporate tax loopholes which allow companies doing business in Pennsylvania to avoid paying their fair share and raise the minimum wage with a commitment to use revenue generated from new wages to balance the budget.  

“That being said, this was a compromise. This allowed us, this year, to finish the job. Real challenges remain, but it came down to the reality that the people of Pennsylvania and the 132nd District deserve a completed budget,” Schlossberg said.