Schlossberg vows to fight for 132nd district

(Dec 02, 2015)

It is likely to be into the middle of next week before a final budget is finally wrapped up, House Appropriations Committee Majority Chairman Bill Adolph (R-Delaware) told The PLS Reporter Wednesday. “I believe it’s a six day process,” he said of what it takes to get a budget done. “If today was the first day, you would probably have to add at least five more days to the finish line.” He said Wednesday could be the first day, “but we’re not sure.” When asked if it would at least take until early or mid-week next week to get a budget done, Rep. Adolph responded, “absolutely.” Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf said that he wanted legislators to get a budget bill to his desk by this Friday. Wednesday, he clarified that statement as a way to get a renewed sense of urgency to finish the budget process and not an artificial deadline. “I’m not putting an artificial date out there,” he said during a press availability. “There are obviously house-keeping issues in turning broad agreements into specific pieces of legislation.” Read more


Schlossberg Welcomes Softball Champs

(Nov 16, 2015)

Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg welcomed the Parkland High School Girls Softball team to the House Chamber to congratulate them as PIAA AAAA Champions in 2015. Read more


House approves Schlossberg bill to protect domestic violence victims seeking divorce

(Nov 09, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 9 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved a bill introduced by state Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, that would help protect abused spouses seeking divorce. Under current law, a divorce may be granted in 90 days if both spouses agree to the divorce. If both spouses do not agree, there is a two-year waiting period, and the court may impose up to three counseling sessions. Schlossberg said this is particularly troubling in cases where an abused spouse is seeking to escape a domestic violence situation. "If the abuser does not consent to the divorce, his or her victim is essentially trapped," Schlossberg said. "An abusive spouse may use current law as a way to drag out the divorce process by choosing to withhold consent. "This puts an abused spouse in a precarious position. It forces him or her into multiple years and multiple contacts with the abuser, bringing up painful memories of the abuse and causing further emotional torment. My bill would let an abused spouse obtain a divorce as if both sides consented to the divorce." Schlossberg's bill (H.B. 12) would enable someone whose spouse had been convicted of certain personal injury crimes against him or her to use that crime as grounds for divorce and for the divorce to occur in 90 days. His proposal also would prevent judges from ordering counseling if an abused spouse had a protection from abuse order or had been the victim of a personal injury crime by the other spouse. "We need to am Read more


Schlossberg: Eliminating immunization grace period positive step toward better protecting children and immune-compromised individuals

(Nov 05, 2015)

ALLENTOWN, Nov. 5 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, is applauding Gov. Tom Wolf and the departments of Health and Education for strengthening Pennsylvania’s vaccination requirements for students entering school. Prior to today's announcement, Pennsylvania allowed for an eight-month grace period for students to complete their required immunizations against diseases that spread easily in schools. This resulted in Pennsylvania having one of the worst kindergarten vaccination rates in the country. "Measles, which was once thought to be distant memory, returned to Pennsylvania earlier this year, exposing infants and children with compromised immune systems to illnesses that can lead to hearing loss, brain damage and, in worst cases, death," Schlossberg said. Schlossberg was the primary co-sponsor, along with state Rep. Becky Corbin (R-Chester), of legislation that would have removed the philosophical exemption which allows parents to avoid vaccinating their children. The bill also would have eliminated the eight-month grace period. "I have been pushing for improved vaccination efforts for the health and safety of our children. The grace period is unneeded and puts our students and communities at risk. Today's announcement by Secretaries Karen Murphy and Pedro Rivera is a welcome one. This new protection is a simple change that will ensure each student is ready to start school with the best protections. It will also help improve Pennsylvania public health and minimize Read more


Schlossberg: Communities In Schools

(Oct 30, 2015)

Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg discusses the Communities In Schools program that works as an integrated student services program in the high schools of Allentown to help students graduate. Read more


Schlossberg helps fedicate Allentown park in honor of community leader

(Oct 29, 2015)

Allentown community activist Ernie Atiyeh never had a fancy title, an office with a view or a sizable budget. The neighborhood organizer was much quieter in his efforts — fundraising for police dogs, chairing the Allentown's President's Council and helping to create local neighborhood watch programs. And so it's fitting that Allentown officials found an equally subtle way to honor Atiyeh, who died in April at age 72. On Thursday, city leaders gathered to dedicate Citizen's Park, a quiet pocket of green in the heart of downtown Allentown, in Atiyeh's name. Read more


Schlossberg supports funding education

(Oct 28, 2015)

Almost four months past the state budget deadline, Pennsylvania lawmakers on opposing party sides just can't seem to strike a deal, and with each passing day, school districts and charter schools around the state say their worries are becoming a scary reality. As Republicans and Democrats continue their stalemate over tax increases and severance fees, among other budget conditions, school districts are not being paid. The issue has forced some districts to take out a loan, and others to tap into reserve funds. On Wednesday, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced that districts across the state have already borrowed $431 million because of the impasse. Those loans could cost nearly $14 million in interest fees, DePasquale said. Read more


Judiciary Committee reports out Schlossberg bill

(Oct 20, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Oct. 20 – A bill introduced by Rep. Mike Schlossberg that would help protect abused spouses was sent to the full House of Representatives after being reported out of the House Judiciary Committee today. Schlossberg said that under current law, if an abusing spouse does not consent to a divorce, the abused spouse may be trapped in the marriage for up to two years. Additionally, the court may impose up to three counseling sessions in cases where the parties do not agree to divorce. "This puts an abused spouse in a precarious position," Schlossberg said. "If the abuser does not consent to the divorce, his or her victim is forced into multiple years and multiple contacts with the abuser, bringing up painful memories of the abuse and causing further emotional torment. My bill seeks to limit this torment by letting an abused spouse obtain a divorce as if both sides consented to the divorce." Schlossberg's bill (H.B. 12) would allow someone whose spouse had been convicted of certain personal injury crimes to use that crime as grounds for a divorce and for the divorce to occur in 90 days, instead of the two years. Current law allows an abusive spouse to withhold consent, which can drag out the divorce process. His proposal also would prevent judges from ordering counseling if an abused spouse had a protection from abuse order or had been the victim of a personal injury crime by the other spouse. "We need to amend Pennsylvania’s divorce laws to better empower victims Read more


Schlossberg on Vaccinations

(Oct 15, 2015)

Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg talks with the Chief of Pediatrics at St. Luke's University Hospital about the importance of vaccinations for children and adults. Schlossberg gets his flu shot following the interview. Read more


Schlossberg attends Kratzer dedication

(Oct 08, 2015)

Community members and local political VIPs joined Parkland School District students and staff Oct. 4 for the dedication of the newly renovated Kratzer Elementary School. Kratzer, built in 1964, serves approximately 400 students in kindergarten through fifth grades. PrintComments (0) District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rodney Troutman was the main speaker for the dedication ceremony. “After the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, the school board put safety as a high priority and conducted a safety audit,” Troutman said. “What we learned in the safety study you will see today.” Read more


Schlossberg votes to support schools

(Oct 07, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Pennsylvania's state budget impasse remains in place after Republicans easily defeated a proposal by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf to raise billions in new taxes in the coming years. The House voted 127 to 73 on Wednesday against a plan to increase the state's personal income tax by 16 percent and create a new extraction tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas production. "Taking more money out of people’s paychecks through higher taxes is comparable to a pay cut," said Pa. Rep. Mike Vereb, a Montgomery County Republican. "A lot of people couldn’t afford the pay cut the governor was proposing." Read more


Schlossberg Supports Plan to Reinvest in Pa. Schools, Residents

(Oct 07, 2015)

Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg explains why he voted on a plan to provide recurring revenue to fund Pa. schools, human services and other critical needs, in addition to providing property tax relief to hundreds of thousands. Read more


Schlossberg votes to restore education, human services funding

(Oct 07, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Oct. 7 – Regarding today’s House vote on the tax component of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget, state Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, who supported a modest Personal Income Tax increase to restore education funding and provide additional property tax relief, issued the following statement: "The governor knows spending money today, particularly for education, will save tons of taxpayer funds down the line. Under his vision of financial stewardship, Allentown School District would be positioned to bring back 400 teachers, and to restore classes in art, music and physical education. "Also, for our seniors, eligibility for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program would double under the Wolf plan, meaning that as a group, they would pay even less in property taxes. "This is about more than breaking a three-month budget logjam – it’s about finally owning up, as a state, to our fiscal responsibility. Here’s the reality: We’ve been broke for four years, suffered eight credit downgrades and were on a path to fiscal paralysis. Governor Wolf and House Democrats finally decided to be the adults in the room, by acknowledging you don’t solve problems by simply wishing them away. "For the past five years, former Governor Tom Corbett and those who embrace his legacy have dominated the legislature, leading to unprecedented cuts to education and human services, and to massive local property tax hikes. Our choice is simple: Do we continue down the Corbett path, continuing this downward spi Read more


Schlossberg: Hispanic Heritage is Pennsylvania Heritage

(Oct 05, 2015)

Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg spoke at an event in Harrisburg to pay tribute to Hispanic culture during Hispanic Heritage Month. Schlossberg talked about the role latinos play in the Allentown area and what that means for Pennsylvania as a whole. Read more


Schlossberg expresses outrage at prescription price gauging

(Sep 22, 2015)

Imagine a 5,000 percent price hike. For patients relying on a particular drug, it's a reality. The drug is Daraprim. It's typically used to help AIDS patients. In August, the 62-year-old drug's price skyrocketed from $13 a pill to $750 after it was bought by Turing Pharmaceuticals. The company's CEO, a 32-year-old former Hedge Fund manager, defended the increase, saying it's needed to make the drug profitable and profits made will be reinvested to make the drug better. Read more


Schlossberg’s bill would help moms, children battle maternal depression

(Sep 21, 2015)

ALLENTOWN, Sept. 21 – State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, announced today he intends to introduce legislation in the near future that would make resources available for children born to mothers who are at high risk for maternal depression. "Having a child should be one of the happiest times for new parents, but, through no fault of their own, some new moms develop maternal depression," Schlossberg said. "I am offering this proposal because I believe we should be doing everything in our power to ensure the well-being of mothers and the healthy development of their children." Schlossberg’s proposed legislation would add maternal depression as an at-risk category, which would enable the state to develop and disseminate early intervention services to facilitate positive childhood development. "Sensationalized headlines and other media may not portray maternal depression in the most accurate of lights," Schlossberg said. "The reality is tragic results are very rare but maternal depression does still pose a significant risk to the physical and emotional health of children." Schlossberg noted the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has found children who are raised in an environment of mental illness without receiving evidence-based interventions often see a significant impact on their long-term early childhood development. "As a father of two, I want to do everything within my power to guarantee the health and well-being of moms and their babies," Read more


Schlossberg supports family sustaining jobs

(Sep 07, 2015)

Pennsylvania's spending plan, or lack thereof, was the hot topic at a local labor council's annual Labor Day picnic on Monday. The annual Lehigh Valley Labor Council picnic always draws a crowd of local movers and shakers. Some taking part at Wayne Grube Park in Northampton, Northampton County, were members of unions that are making a comeback, and others whose jobs could be on the chopping block in Harrisburg The picnic may be to remember past pioneers in the labor movement, but some union workers were not pleased Monday with current conditions. Read more


Schlossberg vaccination legislation featured

(Sep 01, 2015)

About one in five Pennsylvania children went back to school without the required immunizations, making the state vulnerable to outbreaks of measles, mumps, Hepatitis B and other diseases. The state has the second-worst vaccination rate in the nation, thanks in part to weak laws that make it too easy to claim philosophical objections and a ridiculously long grace period offered to parents. Read more


Back to school prep often exclude vaccines in Pennsylvania

(Aug 31, 2015)

Children going back to school in Pennsylvania could be walking into classrooms where as many as one out of every five classmates don’t have all the vaccines required by the state. While many parents believe that disease outbreaks in school are rare because of vaccines, there were a record number of measles cases in the United States in 2014, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The 668 cases in 27 states was the highest number since measles were considered eliminated in 2000. Read more


Schlossberg fighting for civil rights

(Aug 27, 2015)

A new piece of Pennsylvania legislation, HB1509, introduced on Tuesday, would prevent those accused of manslaughter to claim “trans panic” or “gay panic” in their defense. “Trans panic” is a phrase that is becoming all too familiar when examining cases where alleged criminals are tried for the manslaughter of a trans individual: This defense is often times used when a sexual encounter is involved where the attacker “learns” that their partner is transgender. A recent example is the case of a U.S. Marine who is claiming “trans panic” in the brutal death of a trans Filipina woman who he openly admits that he killed. Read more