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Schlossberg: Here to Help

Schlossberg announces fire, EMS grants in the 132nd District

(Feb 04, 2015)

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, announced today that three fire companies in his legislative district will receive more than $40,000 in state grants. The funding comes from the Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program funded by gaming revenue. Expanded in 2012, its annual funding increased from $25 million to $30 million, and eligibility was extended to 35 municipal fire departments across the state. Read more


Schlossberg applauds moratorium on drilling in state parks

(Jan 29, 2015)

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, released the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf placing a moratorium on drilling in state parks and forests today: Read more


Resources available for former A-Treat employees

(Jan 28, 2015)

With the recent and abrupt closing of A-Treat Beverages, many workers did not have the opportunity to access resources and opportunities available through the Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board. Below you will find a listing of those resources and ways my office can be of assistance. Read more


Schlossberg receives 2015-16 House committee assignments

(Jan 22, 2015)

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, today announced his pleasure at being named to five standing committees in the state House of Representatives whose responsibilities directly affect Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. Read more


Democrat Tom Wolf sworn in as Pennsylvania's 47th governor

(Jan 21, 2015)

With his wife by his side and his hand on a 19th century family Bible, Tom Wolf took the oath of office Tuesday afternoon to become Pennsylvania's 47th governor. Read more


Schlossberg welcomes Wolf to Harrisburg

(Jan 20, 2015)

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, released the following statement today after Tom Wolf was inaugurated as governor of Pennsylvania: Read more


Pennsylvania municipalities given new tool to clean up blighted properties

(Jan 08, 2015)

Pennsylvania lawmakers are giving municipalities another tool to clean up blighted properties. Read more


Swearings-in take place in Harrisburg

(Jan 07, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Newly elected officials across the State are ready to start their terms in office after swearing-in ceremonies in Harrisburg. Read more


Schlossberg takes oath of office for second term at start of 2015-16 session

(Jan 06, 2015)

ALLENTOWN, Jan. 6 – Focusing on constituent service and a fresh start for Pennsylvania schools and families, state Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Leigh, today began his second term representing the 132nd Legislative District after taking the oath of office. "Between the $2 billion budget deficit and bad decisions by the outgoing administration that have harmed our seniors, kids, public schools and workers, Harrisburg needs a fresh start," Schlossberg said. "There is a lot to be done to put Pennsylvania on a more productive path, but I am ready to get to work."  Schlossberg said he will work with the incoming governor and his colleagues across the aisle to ensure the state is honoring its commitment to community schools, fostering a strong economy and creating opportunities for all Pennsylvania families. Schlossberg said he also intends to continue fighting for women’s health and equality for all Pennsylvanians.  Schlossberg said he is also committed to improving Pennsylvania’s economy by continuing the work he started by voting to support investments in the commonwealth’s roads and bridges while continuing to bolster health care and manufacturing industries which are the two largest employment sectors in the 132nd District.  Due to constitutionally mandated reapportionment, Schlossberg will represent the newly configured 132nd District, which now includes parts of South Whitehall and Allentown's East Read more


Hope for Hannah legislation becomes law

(Dec 28, 2014)

Pennsylvania's children have a new protection thanks to Hannah's Law, named after Hannah Ginion of Bristol Township, who suffered from the rare genetic disorder called Krabbe disease. Hannah passed away on Dec. 28, 2014. Read more


Schweyer, Schlossberg detail district boundary shifts effective Dec. 1

(Dec 17, 2014)

Significant geographic changes are in place as Allentown streamlines from four to two House legislative districts: state Rep. Mike Schlossberg’s 132nd District, whose composition changes by one-third; and state Rep. Peter Schweyer, whose newly created 22nd District takes over sections of Center City from the old 132nd District. Read more


Beware IRS phone scams

(Nov 29, 2014)

Recently, my office received information about phone calls received statewide in which an individual claimed to be from the IRS and demanded payment on taxes owed. Please be aware – this phone call is a scam, and the IRS will NOT initiate first contact with you on the phone about taxes owed. Always be wary of unsolicited phone calls in which an individual claims to represent a business or government entity and aggressively demands payment. The IRS does not operate this way and will always send official correspondence through the mail to make its first contact with you. Read more


HEROIN: What you need to know about Pennsylvania’s Good Samaritan Law

(Nov 24, 2014)

Landmark legislation passed during the 2013-14 Legislative Session now allows first responders, including law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS or other organizations the ability to administer a medication known as naloxone, a life-saving opioid-overdose antidote. The law also allows individuals such as friends or family members who might be in a position to help a person at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose to obtain a prescription for naloxone. Additionally, Act 139 provides immunity from prosecution for those responding to and reporting overdoses. Read more


In the News: Dept. of Human Services name change better reflects mission

(Nov 24, 2014)

House Bill 993, which renamed the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare as the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, was signed into law as Act 132 during the 2013-14 Legislative Session. According to advocates for the change, renaming the department was long overdue, and as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported, the name change better reflects the department’s mission. Read more


Do you need help paying heating bills?

(Nov 24, 2014)

As we get into the coldest months of winter, many people are worried about affording their increasing heating costs. If you or someone you know qualifies, my office could help you take advantage of a program set up to curtail high home heating bills. Read more


Apply for health insurance by Feb. 16

(Nov 23, 2014)

The open enrollment period for health care coverage is now underway. If you or someone you know is in need of health insurance, please consider visiting the federal Marketplace at www.HealthCare.gov. Applicants have until Feb. 16, 2015 to enroll. Everyone, no matter what age, needs health insurance. A random accident or unexpected illness could put you in danger of losing not only your good health but also your financial future. Read more


Sign up for the Do-Not-Call list

(Nov 22, 2014)

To register for the Pennsylvania and national do-not-call lists, visit http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/dnc.aspx or call 1-888-777-3406. Registration is free. There is a rolling enrollment; individuals may sign up at any time and the registration is good for five years. After that, you can re-enroll. And, signing up on Pennsylvania's list automatically adds those numbers to the national do-not-call list. Read more


Weatherizing your home saves you money on energy bills

(Nov 20, 2014)

Last year’s bitterly cold winter left many people struggling to pay higher-than-normal home energy bills. As we head toward the coldest months of the year, there are ways you can winterize your home to keep heat in, cold air out, and money in your pocket. Many businesses offer professional home energy audits, but you can perform your own by inspecting areas where heat escapes and cold air leaks in. Read more


Check out charities before making holiday donations

(Nov 20, 2014)

While it may be the season for charitable giving, scammers don't take a holiday. The Pennsylvania Department of State offers a simple way to ensure a charity is legitimate and that your donation will be used properly. Read more