Schlossberg, Schweyer applaud Building 21 school for civic engagement award

ALLENTOWN, April 30 – State Reps. Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today recognized Building 21 Allentown High School for receiving the Governor’s Civic Engagement Award, highlighting its success in registering students to vote and remain civically engaged.  

The GCEA program, now in its second year, works to promote voter registration in Pennsylvania high schools and encourages students to get involved in elections as voter registration organizers, voters and poll workers. Building 21 was recognized with a Gold Level award, signifying that 85 percent or more of its eligible students were registered to vote.  

“I am proud of the student leaders at Building 21 for taking the initiative to engage their peers during their voter registration drive,” Schweyer said. “As our future leaders, it is important to understand and participate in our election process. Congratulations to Building 21 on being recognized for your achievements and being awarded the Governor’s Civic Engagement Award.”     

Across Pennsylvania, 23 high schools received either Gold or Silver Level awards, signifying 65 percent or more of eligible students were registered to vote in their school. A total of 3,109 students were registered to vote through the program. 

“For many of us, Building 21 was to provide innovative-learning for the students enrolled there,” Schlossberg said. “We knew the school would be different with students directing learning opportunities, and certainly includes taking ownership of their community. This award recognizes that Building 21 students are doing what district leaders envisioned, and we should be proud of their achievements. Building 21 is a great example of how Allentown Schools are meeting the needs of students in the 21st century.” 

The award is presented by the Pennsylvania Departments of State and Education and the Governor’s Office, in collaboration with Inspire U.S., a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that trains and assists students working to increase voter participation. More information on the program and a full list of award-winning schools can be found here.

From left to right: Jelissa Santiago, Keitly Ramirez and Destiny Santiago. These Building 21 seniors are all registered to vote.