Schweyer comments on Gov. Wolf’s gun violence executive order

HARRISBURG, Aug. 16 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, released the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive order today on gun violence prevention:

“To those who have lost someone to senseless gun violence or suicide by gunshot, to those who have been terrorized because of their religion or gender identity, to the families of police officers who worry every night and to those who have been assaulted by a former intimate partner – I am so very sorry.

“I am so very sorry that our government, of which I am part, has been so unable or unwilling to act.  I am so very sorry that it takes a mountain of evidence, horrific headlines and personal tragedy to even begin to create momentum for common sense firearm safety public policy.

“But I am thankful for people like Jeannie Garcia and Shalon Buskirk. People who have told their stories about pain and tragedy and loss and fear to make sure that no more mothers face what they have.

“And I am extremely thankful that Governor Wolf is taking this very strong stand to reduce the gun violence our state is experiencing. His executive orders are most necessary to help move our entire state government to action.

“We have a governor willing to lead, law enforcement ready to protect and serve and communities across Pennsylvania organizing community groups to educate people, mentor young folks and help those with mental illness. This will all reduce gun violence.

“But Governor Wolf is right when he says legislative action is needed too. I am prepared to make tough votes to enact red flag laws, universal background checks and other policies that will make our neighborhoods safer.

“Locally, I will continue to work with our community and faith leaders, local law enforcement and victims of gun violence to make Allentown safer,” Schweyer said.