Pa. House of Representatives adopted Schweyer's Transit Workers' Awareness Day in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today adopted a resolution (H.R. 99) designating March 15 as Transit Workers’ Awareness Day in Pennsylvania.

Schweyer informed colleagues that transit workers are part of the state’s infrastructure. Pennsylvanians from all 67 counties, whether rural or urban residents, rely on public transportation to get where they need to go.

“Transit workers provide care to their passengers whether they are riding to work, school, a doctor’s appointment, the hospital or the store,” Schweyer said. “The backbone of the transit system is the transit workers who keep the system running safely and dependably.”

Schweyer said mass transit also helps relieve traffic congestion and reduces the impact on the environment.

He said transportation technology is constantly evolving, producing safer, cleaner running and more reliable vehicles. 

The Allentown legislator said transit workers are required to pursue vigorous and continuous training to keep up with technological changes and ensure riders who rely on these services get where they need to be.

“These hard-working individuals are deserving of the recognition I give them today,” Schweyer said.

Schweyer represents the 22nd Legislative District.