Local residents weigh in on the issues during Schweyer Telephone Town Hall

ALLENTOWN, April 28 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today said his Tele-Town Hall meeting with local residents Thursday night provided him useful insight into his constituents’ views on various state and local issues.  

During the hour-long meeting, the more than 1,400 participants from Allentown and center city were asked to weigh in on poll questions and had the opportunity to ask questions of Schweyer. Of those who responded to instant polls, 54 percent said Pennsylvania should decriminalize the use of marijuana, 62 percent support raising the state’s minimum wage and 56 percent believe that Pennsylvania should end the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases, allowing people to face their accusers at any time after the abuse occurred.

Schweyer said all of the issues covered in his poll questions are being discussed in the legislature right now, and these more recent questions helped to build on the feedback he was given during his telephone town hall last fall. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he also was able to provide his constituents some useful information on how the state budget is crafted and how education funding is considered, especially as it relates to school property taxes. He also provided an update on job creation and economic development efforts happening in Allentown.

"It’s always great to hear from my constituents about what’s important to them and to give them an update on the state budget and other issues I’m working on in Harrisburg and in the district,” Schweyer said. “The telephone town hall is a great and convenient way to have a dialogue on the issues without anyone having to leave their home," Schweyer said.

Schweyer said it was clear to him that, when given the opportunity to ask questions, his constituents are following what’s going on in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. President Trump’s proposed tax cuts for the rich, local school property taxes, the state’s liquor store system, mental health services and spending priorities in the state budget were all subjects his constituents wanted to do discuss during the meeting.

“I am encouraged by how engaged my constituents are on the issues and their desire to work together to solve the problems we face and make the most of the opportunities we have as a state and nation,” Schweyer said. “I look forward to continuing the dialogue and getting their feedback as I return to Harrisburg and work with my colleagues on the state budget and other pressing issues.”

Residents who missed the call or who were unable to participate can listen to an audio recording of the town hall on Schweyer’s website, www.pahouse.com/Schweyer, or by clicking here.