A Note to My Constituents …

I pride myself on having an office that is welcoming to everyone. My staff and I always work hard to help all individuals who reach out to my office and as such, will never discriminate against any person who is seeking assistance with a state-related matter. In a given day, we’ll have folks from all walks of life coming through our doors for one reason or another and we try our very best to help them. 

Not only does everyone deserve basic constituent service, but I am much better at my job as your state representative when people feel comfortable offering me their personal thoughts. I really do take every story, concern and opinion to heart and weigh them when considering legislation and policy matters. 

Many recent events, statements and even formal policies from across the nation (especially the repeal of DACA) have targeted a vulnerable group of people – immigrants. As such, I want to let everyone know my office will not discriminate against anyone who was born elsewhere. They work in our region, raise their families here and pay taxes … and their stories are important.     

A constituent’s age, political affiliation, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation is completely irrelevant to my staff and me. Everyone has an important perspective on our community and I can only do my job representing our part of Allentown when I hear from everyone. This includes all those who were born elsewhere but chose to live, work and raise their families in our community. We are all integral to the success of our city, state and country. Diversity strengthens the tapestry that is our community.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and my hometown as state representative.  Thank you for your trust.