Shusterman announces personal paycheck suspension until budget passage

HARRISBURG, June 17 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, announced today she will suspend her paycheck until a budget is passed as the state legislature commences budget season.

“If my constituents don’t go to work, they don’t get paid, and I hold myself to the same expectation. I do not deserve to get paid unless I execute my job duties and serve my community, period,”

Shusterman said.

Throughout June, state legislators will be in the Capitol every week to complete the state budget. However, the budget process officially began in February when Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his budget address to the General Assembly. Budget proposals from the governor are rarely fully adopted, but they do form the foundation of what will be debated during weeks of budget hearings in the House Appropriations Committee.

During these hearings, Republican and Democratic members may ask questions of the administration. These hearing occur in both the state House and Senate.

Following discussions, leaders from all caucuses and the administration work to find a compromise that will both cover Pennsylvania’s bills and responsibly invest in our future.

“At times, budget season can grow cumbersome because we can stay here well into the night debating. However, it is our job to work together to reach an agreement. If we can’t do that, then we should not be getting paid because we aren’t doing what we were elected to do, which is serve our communities,” Shusterman said.

The fiscal year ends June 30, but the budget may be passed before or after then.

You can follow budget discussions on Pennsylvania Cable Network or online at