Shusterman applauds Historic Philadelphia Inc. on $225K grant

PAOLI, Nov. 13 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, announced today that a $225,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development has been awarded to Historic Philadelphia Inc. to enhance their educational, interactive, free programming.

HPI attracts more than 1.2 million visitors annually through their storytelling benches -- Once Upon A Nation and heritage sites such as Franklin Square and the Betsy Ross house. HPI will use the grant funds to cover critical operations costs, including the hiring and training of dozens of seasonal employees, and to continue to offer free, historically accurate programs.

“The tourism industry is among our commonwealth’s most profitable. Historical tourism is specifically prominent in our community and it tremendously boosts our local economy year after year,” Shusterman said. “This grant is an investment into our community’s culture, economy and education. I applaud Historic Philadelphia Inc. for securing these funds as they may continue to educate visitors of all ages on Pennsylvania’s unique history.”

“Historic Philadelphia Inc. is extremely grateful to Representative Shusterman for supporting our work in Philadelphia’s historic district, Independence National Historical Park, and Valley Forge National Historical Park,” Amy Needle, president and CEO of Historic Pennsylvania Inc. said. “HPI tells true stories of our nation’s history with 10,000 hours of free programs that bring history to life right where it happened. Our Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Benches saw 162,000 visitors in 2019, and thanks to support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, our work will continue for the education and entertainment of residents and visitors alike for the coming year.”