Siegel statement on Allentown shootings

ALLENTOWN, Dec. 30 -- State Rep. Joshua Siegel released the following statement on the shootings in Allentown overnight:

“I awoke this morning like many members of our community, sickened, angry and heartbroken over another night of senseless violence in our city. I offer my sincerest condolences to the families afflicted by last night’s shootings, and I stand with the many Allentonians who are tired of watching their neighborhoods and streets be stained with the blood of gun violence.

“I stand with the brave men and women of the Allentown Police Department, who I know will bring the cowards and perpetrators of these acts to certain and swift punishment. Those who would take the life of a child, shatter the security of our city and the peace of mind of our residents deserve to know, justice will be done.

“Allentown is a resilient city, and I know we won’t let these tragedies define us. I have endless faith in our community partners, our police department, and our stakeholders to work together to bring safety and security to every neighborhood and every block. I stand ready to support them in whatever way they need.”