Siegel statement on 3rd anniversary of Jan. 6, 2021

HARRISBURG, Jan. 5 – State Rep. Josh Siegel released the following statement today regarding the three-year anniversary of the Jan. 6th insurrection:

“Tomorrow will mark three years since a violent mob of insurrectionists and domestic terrorists stormed our nation’s capital, assaulting the brave men and women of the U.S. Capitol Police, D.C. Metro Police and attempted to topple our democracy. We recognize and forever remember their courage and sacrifice that day to protect and preserve our democracy.

“Over 140 police officers were assaulted that day, four perishing later from suicides, as a result of the devastating and heinous actions by January 6th perpetrators. The peaceful transition of power is one of the defining features of our republic. The extremists and those who supported them in their violent attempted coup will forever be a stain on American history.

“While their assault on our government failed, their war on democracy hasn’t stopped and extremists in Pennsylvania and across the nation continue to undermine faith in our elections, spread dangerous conspiracies and lies about the integrity of our vote and threaten to make it harder for citizens to cast their vote and make their voice heard.

“I’ve proudly worked to strengthen our democracy because I believe our system and society thrive when more people participate and vote. I support open primaries allowing independents a chance to weigh in, supporting our poll workers and election staff, allowing counties more time to count mail-in ballots so we have faster election results, and implementing individual campaign contribution limits to prevent large donors from buying our elections. Our democracy is not just our sacred right, it’s our responsibility to perverse and maintain it; I won’t stand by while extremists try to rob you of your voice and your vote.”