Siegel statement on President Biden visit to Lehigh Valley

ALLENTOWN, Jan. 9 – State Rep. Josh Siegel issued the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s planned visit this week to the Lehigh Valley:

“I look forward to welcoming President Biden to the Lehigh Valley on Friday. The Lehigh Valley is a natural place for President Biden to tout his economic agenda. Our region is an economic success story that the entire commonwealth has held up as an example of how to revitalize communities and create opportunity. It’s only natural the president would choose the swing region of the swing state to bring his message to Pennsylvania,” said Siegel, D-Lehigh.

“In the Lehigh Valley, we create, we make, and we build. The American manufacturing renaissance is happening right here. We’re home to innovative semiconductor firms and high-tech companies which represent the very best in the next generation of American commerce. We’re home to a strong union ancestry and so much of the valley’s revitalization is proudly union built.

“Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Congresswoman Susan Wild, we have the CHIPS Act and American Rescue Plan, which have and will continue to help our local economy prosper.

“Biden’s agenda of supporting union jobs, raising Americans’ wages and working to reduce costs for working class families is well received and well regarded in the Lehigh Valley. Allentown is proud to welcome him. Like President Biden, Allentown has a fighter’s spirit. We know adversity and we know struggle, but we always persevere and rise above. Allentown needs President Biden so we can continue our work of building a safe, prosperous and equitable city," Siegel said.