Siegel: Almost $47,000 awarded for fire companies, EMS

HARRISBURG, Feb. 16 – State Rep. Josh Siegel today announced that three fire and EMS services in his community have received funding totaling $46,957.

“Allentown’s paramedics and firefighters are highly trained professionals; however, older technology can often be the determining factor of those in need being helped in time or not,” Siegel said. “It is always important to invest in improved safety of our communities and emergency responders should be at the top of our list. I am proud that this funding is going toward to help them.”

The awardees of the funding include:

  • Allentown City Fire Department: $16,951.
  • Allentown City Fire Department EMS: $15,000.
  • Eastern Salisbury Fire Ambulance and Rescue Co.: $15,006.

Act 91 of 2020 authorized the Fire Company and Medical Services Grant Program until June 30, 2024. Recently, Gov. Josh Shapiro proposed increasing the program’s funding to $60 million.