Siegel supports PPL Tower sale, continued downtown revitalization in his district, credits Neighborhood Improvement Zone

Project critical to post-Covid redevelopment

HARRISBURG, March 1 – State Rep. Josh Siegel offered the following statement about today’s announcement of a tentative agreement to sell and develop the PPL Tower.

“I’m grateful to PPL’s continued commitment to Downtown Allentown, from keeping their corporate headquarters at the heart of our city, Two City Center, and working to ensure that the iconic PPL Tower continues to be part of our city’s story of revitalization,” said Siegel, D-Lehigh.

PPL recently announced a tentative agreement with D&D Realty Group, a Wilkes-Barre/Scranton-based developer specializing in transforming older historic spaces into modern, mixed-use redevelopment.

“Post-Covid urban development requires a renewed commitment to the things which make cities special, unique, and desirable: their walkability, their accessible amenities, and their vibrancy.  Mixed-use development is critical to ensuring that cities continue to thrive by creating robust availability of housing next to the jobs people desire, the attractions they demand and the resources they need,” Siegel said.

“This redevelopment project is critical to the continued revitalization of the Hamilton Street Corridor, and bringing new residents to this crucial corridor will complement ongoing projects such as the Da Vinci Science Center, Archer Music Hall, Moxie Hotel, and the conversion of the PPL Plaza. It shows that Allentown is yet again on the leading edge of urban renewal and a strong model worthy of replication.”

Siegel said the Neighborhood Improvement Zone deserves credit for the speed of the deal and the number of interested parties.

“Let’s be blunt and honest. If not for the undeniable success of the Neighborhood Improvement Zone, the PPL Tower would simply be another vacant office building amidst a struggling city. Because of the NIZ, the tower’s central location in our downtown district defined by arts, culture, innovation, and endless potential, filled with new offices and apartments, made this an opportunity no developer could pass on,” Siegel said.