Siegel supports investment in Lehigh Valley transportation as a critical component of the region’s economic future

HARRISBURG, March 27 – State Rep. Josh Siegel today released the following statement about the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission rail study conducted with the help of PennDOT.

“For too long, the Lehigh Valley, despite its statewide significance as an economic powerhouse and model for regional revitalization, has been neglected when it comes to passenger rail and train service. As the third-largest metro region in the state, we deserve quality public transit and connectivity like what SEPTA provides to rest of the Southeast. The state has a major role to play in helping make this next groundbreaking and dynamic investment in the Lehigh Valley and I intend to be one of its strongest champions. Our residents deserve this investment; the time has come.

“Public transit is a critical component of the Lehigh Valley’s economic future and continued success. Passenger rail connecting us to the rest of the Commonwealth will only serve to expand our endless potential for economic progress while helping encourage more dense and walkable communities, environmental sustainability and reducing the number of cars on our congested highways. The evidence is clear: for every dollar invested in public transit, we get five dollars back.

“The next era of the Lehigh Valley’s transformation should be defined by connecting our region to the rest of Southeastern Pennsylvania, which will only serve to strengthen our economy by expanding the workforce, opening our cultural and entertainment venues to new patrons and visitors, strengthening tourism, and welcoming a new generation of potential residents who bring with them aspirations for continuing our story of revival. That level of interconnectedness makes us all stronger.”