State Reps. Schweyer, Schlossberg, Siegel and McNeill applaud community safety grants

HARRISBURG, March 28 – State Reps. Peter Schweyer, Mike Schlossberg, Josh Siegel and Jeanne McNeill announced today new funding totaling more than $2.13 million in two violence intervention grants is heading to the two organizations that serve their communities.

“Both the Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley and Turning Point of Lehigh Valley, Inc. are important to our neighborhood,” said Schweyer. “They both provide safe spaces for members in our community. Both organizations are focused on uplifting the community and creating safe and healthy neighborhoods and areas for everyone to live in harmony and have the resources they need to strive for success. This funding will go towards those goals, better ensuring safety against gun and group-related violence and generally going towards making our community safer.”

“I am pleased to see an emphasis on wholeness and community wellbeing as part of public safety,” said Schlossberg. “When there is an instance of violence, even when it seems isolated, the community is affected, and we need a response to work through the trauma associated with it. Promise Neighborhoods and Turning Point have a deep understanding of these needs.”

“I am grateful for the Commonwealth’s investment in violence prevention efforts in Allentown,” said Siegel. “Promise Neighborhoods continues to be a valued partner in reducing gun violence in our communities. Their violence prevention services are an integral part of our city’s public safety strategy, and this funding will ensure they can continue to stop violence in our city and beyond.”

“Turning point is a safe place where all survivors of domestic and intimate partner abuse and their children can find resources and refuge for their situations,” said McNeill. “This funding will go towards continuing to help these individuals and families get the assistance they need and the help they deserve. Unfortunately, eliminating domestic and intimate partner abuse in the Lehigh Valley is a hefty goal unfortunately, but not a goal anyone takes lightly, and I will continue to work towards acquiring funding and support for that endeavor.”

Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley was awarded $1.57 million from the Coordinated Community Violence Intervention Strategies Project. Turning Point of Lehigh Valley Inc. received $562,080 as part of Violence Intervention and Prevention Grants. Both grants are from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

“Every state legislator wants their community to be safe and the same is true for me,” Schweyer added. “I was proud to help secure this funding to put the minds of those I represent at ease. While this only begins to tackle the larger issue when it comes to violence in our communities, this is a step in the right direction.”

Since the VIP Grant program began in 2021, 256 projects across the Commonwealth have been approved for a combined total of approximately $185 million in grant funding to prevent, intervene in, and reduce gun and group-related violence, helping to make Pennsylvania communities safer.