Siegel offers statement following death of a child in his community

HARRISBURG, March 28 – State Rep. Josh Siegel offered the following statement regarding the death of a child in his community:

“I’m once again heartbroken and devastated over another senseless loss of a child to firearms in my district and our commonwealth. While we wait for the results of the investigation, one thing remains clear, firearms remain the leading cause of death amongst children and teens, every year 19,000 are either killed or wounded across our nation. These tragic deaths and injuries are unacceptable and many of them entirely preventable. No state or country should accept this level of grief or suffering,” Siegel said.

“I also stand with our police and emergency services in this profoundly difficult moment and recognize the tremendous mental and emotional toll these incidents have on them. I stand with them in their steadfast service to our city and community and am humbled by the sacrifices they make.”