Sims commends first responders after North Philadelphia shooting

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 15 – State Rep. Brian Sims expressed his support for the Philadelphia Police Department and the medical professionals who rushed to help after six officers were hurt yesterday in a mass shooting.

“My thoughts are with the first responders who jumped into action to prevent innocent bystanders from being hurt and the medical staff who worked swiftly to treat the officers who were injured,” Sims said. “This kind of violence needs to stop. We’ve seen 7 mass shootings in the city this year. There is no justifiable reason for one person to have that much fire power. It’s time we take real action to enact sensible gun legislation and make our streets safer.”

Sims also commended Police Commissioner Ross and District Attorney Krasner for speaking with the suspect and convincing him to surrender and end the seven-hour standoff.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen that these incidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Nearby, 80 children were held in a daycare and Temple University was placed on lockdown. These mass shootings are affecting people at school, at the grocery store, at the movies, and at church. They’re causing trauma for people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Enough is enough.”