Luis Munoz Marin Senior Center awarded $26,374 state grant

LANCASTER, May 17– The Luis Munoz Marin Senior Center will receive a $26,374 state grant, state Rep. Ismail Smith-Wade-El announced today.

The center was one of 48 senior centers in the commonwealth that was awarded a 2022-23 Senior Community Center grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. The grant money can be used to update and modernize facilities, provide health and entertainment programs, upgrade technology, or enhance nutrition services.

“For years, the Luis Munoz Marin Senior Center has offered our diverse and multi-lingual senior community a place to connect with others, to learn, to enjoy a hot meal, to receive wellness and mental health services, and more,” Smith-Wade-El said. “This grant money is richly deserved and will help Luis Munoz Marin Senior Center enhance its services to continue helping our seniors thrive and live independently.”

The Luis Munoz Marin Senior Center is the largest social services center in Lancaster and the only one that cooks hot food on-site instead of using pre-packaged meals prepared at a different location. Annually, the center provides more than 32,000 hot meals – both breakfast and lunch – for seniors and other individuals in the community who otherwise would not have eaten that day.

Named after the Puerto Rican poet, journalist and politician who became the first democratically elected governor of Puerto Rico, the Luis Muñoz Marin Senior Center provides Lancaster’s multi-lingual and diverse senior community with critical social, education, recreation, and psychological services.

More information on other services and programs benefiting older Pennsylvanians can be found at the Department of Aging’s website.