Snyder: Upwards of $500,000 awarded to 50th Legislative District for road, pedestrian projects

HARRISBURG, March 26 – Nearly $540,000 in state funding awarded today by the Commonwealth Financing Authority will go toward a slew of road improvement projects in Greene County, announced state Rep. Pam Snyder.

“I’d like to thank the Commonwealth Financing Authority for approving these grants,” Snyder said. “Road improvement is much-needed in our district, especially following the 2016 landslide in Washington Township, which has been a burden for many who travel Long Mile Road. These grants will alleviate this headache and provide better access to people traveling through Greene County.”

Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said $198,499 was awarded to Washington Township for a road improvement project along Long Mile Road to repair and improve the damage done by the 2016 landslide. Originally a two-lane road, approximately 100 yards – where the landslide occurred – of Long Mile Road is only wide enough for one vehicle. The proposed improvements will rectify this problem, removing the slide material from the roadway; filling toe keys and drains; installing subsurface drains and a collection pipe; installing compact keys; stabilizing the slope face; and more.

An additional $90,000 was awarded to Waynesburg Borough to repair a 100-foot section of the southbound lane of Liberty Avenue. Snyder said the combined roadway acts as a multi-municipal connector carrying cars, school buses, trucks, bicyclists and walkers between two municipalities.

Lastly, $250,000 was awarded to Waynesburg University to construct a pedestrian link between the campus and the High Street business corridor via Church Street from East Franklin Street to East High Street. Snyder said the pedestrian link will create an attractive, safe walkway for pedestrians going to and from the university. The project will consist of constructing a stairway railing, aluminum fencing, electric lighting, storm-water management and landscaping.

The grants were approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority through its Multimodal Transportation Fund. The Multimodal Transportation Fund provides grants to encourage economic development and ensure safe transportation is available to all Pennsylvania residents.