Snyder demands Wolf administration reconsider Greene, Fayette, Washington counties in reopening order

Extremely unfair to be held to the same standards as Pittsburgh region

CARMICHAELS, May 1 – Greene, Fayette and Washington counties are among those state Rep. Pam Snyder said should have been included in today’s reopening announcement and is now urging Gov. Tom Wolf to lift those restrictions immediately.

Snyder, D-Greene/Fayette/Washington, said her district’s counties were held to an extremely unfair measurement standard by being held to the same restrictions as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.


“When you compare our COVID-19 numbers to other counties, like Erie, Lycoming, Mercer and Centre, they have significantly more cases and deaths than our area has experienced since the pandemic began,” said Snyder. “Any lifting of restrictions should be done on a county by county basis, not lumped by region. In fact, during today’s announcement, state Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine admitted that the entire southwestern region of the state was kept in the red because of Allegheny County. That is beyond inaccurate and unfair. Every single day the governor delays reopening our counties is crushing our businesses and devastating our communities. Our residents deserve answers and they deserve action, and that’s why I am calling on the Wolf administration to reconsider his decision to keep the southwestern corner counties closed.”


Snyder added that with nearby West Virginia reopening on Monday, that could add an additional devastating blow to local businesses.


“It is imperative that when we reopen, we continue to be vigilant in our interactions with others, but it is time to loosen the state’s restrictions and allow our residents to go back to work where possible,” Snyder added. “We don’t need to aspire to move to the yellow category, because my counties should have been included in today’s announcement. I won’t rest until I get answers and Greene, Fayette and Washington counties can reopen as quickly and safely as possible.”