Solomon to announce recall amendment

HARRISBURG, Mar. 22 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., today said he will hold a press conference at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 26 on the Lt. Governor’s balcony in the state Capitol to announce the proposal of an amendment to the state constitution allowing for voter recall of elected state, local and judicial officials in Pennsylvania.

“We’ve seen that sometimes, an elected official violates the trust we have placed in them as voters; sometimes things so egregious that the voters should be allowed the chance to take action,” Solomon said. “I plan to talk about a constitutional amendment I am introducing that would allow Pennsylvania voters the chance to recall an elected local or state official from office.”

Solomon will be joined by co-sponsors of the amendment, as well as supporters such as the Committee of 70, Common Cause and the League of Women Voters, Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania Constitution does not provide for the recall of state or local elected officials.  While public officials can be removed by impeachment and certain “civil officers” (with the exception of governor, lieutenant governor, members of the General Assembly and judges) can be removed by a process outlined in Article VI, section 7 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, there is no recall in the Commonwealth.

Solomon's proposed amendment, while allowing for recall in state, local, and judicial offices, would not outline the specific procedure for recall; that would be outlined in enabling legislation at the state and local level. 

“Not all violations of the public trust are criminal in nature,” Solomon said. “They may not violate a specific statute, but still require action. Instances of corruption, sexism, and racism come readily to mind. If we want citizens to be able to put their trust in us, we must also be willing to put our trust in them.”

For additional information, please contact Solomon’s office.