State Rep. Jared Solomon presents check to Settlement Music School

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., presented a $15,000 check to the students and teachers at Settlement Music School.  

“These programs work to draw out the passion that the students have. They can serve as a spark to help kids identify their interests, talents, and potential career options. This shows kids that we care,” Solomon said. “This is part of a long-term effort to bring in more programs for youth. My office brought Legacy Tennis, We Love Futbal at Max Myers, and Boys and Girls Club at various schools. I am actively working on getting the PAL center open on Rising Sun. We have made good steps, but this is only the beginning. We need to do more.”

The funding was used to purchase instruments to establish the new drum program through Settlement Music School at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, according to Solomon. 

“We are so excited to have this program here. These enrichment programs are extremely important and valuable not only for the students, but also to our community,” Woodrow Wilson Elementary School Principal Dr. Shawn McGuidan said. “Wilson is a diverse school, and we like to have as many opportunities as possible so that our students are able to have varied experiences that they would not otherwise have if they did not attend our school. We are proud of the program, and we are hoping to increase it next year. Thank you, Representative Solomon, for making this possible.”

“Settlement is one of the older and largest community schools of the arts in the country. We have five community branches, including one here in the Northeast,” Chris Scamby, band teacher at Wilson Elementary School, said. “With our mission being providing creative assessable music education for all, we recognize that we need to go beyond our branches because we know that not all students can make it to our branches. Therefore, we are so excited to partner with Rep Solomon and public schools like Wilson. We are thrilled that Dr. McGuidan and Mr. Scamby have implemented this program successfully. We appreciate Rep. Solomon’s commitment and support.”

Hannah McGhee, an eighth-grade student at Woodrow Wilson, said: “I’ve been playing percussion for two years now, and I just want to thank Mr. Scamby, Representative Solomon, and Mr. McGuidan for giving me this opportunity.” Hannah said. “One thing that I love about drums is the community. I play with my classmates, and they are really nice kids. I also like the fact that we weren’t just reading sheet music. We got to play while we were learning.”