Solomon celebrates construction of new park at vacant lot

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 25 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., today cut the ribbon for the celebration of the new WeLoveU Park on the corner of Loretto and Cranford Avenues in Northeast Philadelphia.  

John Casas, vice president of Community Engagement for WeLoveU, spoke at the event on behalf of the foundation. 

"We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside State Representative Jared Solomon and the community he serves to shine the work of the foundation through this project. Before this, we have been able to foster a relationship by removing thousands of pounds of trash off the streets and parks through numerous cleanups. Now, due to the support of the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program, and our other dedicated supporters, WeLoveU is able to benefit the 202nd District of Philadelphia long-term by developing a much larger, sustainable, and anchored project,” Casas said.  

This project was made possible with the support of the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program and other supporters, and is part of a larger plan for WeLoveU to partner with Solomon in the future to work on other green spaces in Northeast Philadelphia.   

“Parks and green spaces have an enormous positive impact on our community. It is amazing how far this project has come; this project is the result of us working together to take a vacant, blighted lot and create new green space. I thank WeLoveU for their help with this and look forward to continuing to work with them to make our neighborhood’s a cleaner, better place for everyone,” Solomon said.  

"We are appreciative of the efforts from the state, the community, and the volunteers to revitalize this location,” said Iven Rodriguez, vice-president of the WeLoveU foundation. “We could not have imagined how much truly needed to be uprooted (literally) to make this a healthy, sustainable, and family-friendly space in Northeast Philadelphia."

The WeLoveU foundation and Solomon also thanked:

  • Chalie Tizol from engine 7 Fire Dept. for providing the water for the park.
  • Richard Montanez from the Philadelphia Streets Department.
  • Lt. Christopher Lantz from the Neighborhood Services Unit for assisting with getting abandoned vehicles towed.
  • Officer Mark Mroz, human relations officer from the Philadelphia Police Department.
  • Dan Gordon for donating money to install lighting for the park.
  • Sue Buck and Dave from Philadelphia Parks and Rec.

Solomon added, “This is a model for the rest of city. I want everyone to take note today that any time you see a vacant lot, we need to see an opportunity.”