Solomon hosted check presentation to Max Myers Playground

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., recently presented $100,000 in state grant funding to Max Myers Recreation Center to rebuild their soccer field.

“Extracurricular activities are pivotal for children to learn social skills and other talents,” Solomon said. “I am always happy to bring resources back to the Northeast to provide safe spaces for our children to develop, grow and play. It is the work we do together for this city that achieves results.”

There were several soccer players from Spruance school who were present for the Sept. 8 check presentation. Also in attendance were Beth Perkowski, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation manager at Max Myers and Jeffrey Sperry, supervisor at Max Myers.

Also in attendance was Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, Kathy Ott Lovell.

“This is a huge opportunity for love.fútbol. We have soccer fields across the world, but we’re so proud to have this soccer field coming to Philadelphia, coming to this community,” said Joe Hewitt, CEO of the Sports Creative, representing love.fútbol.

FC Max Myers is a free soccer and personal development program for children and youth in Oxford Circle, Philadelphia. It takes place at the Max Myers Playground. The program is facilitated by The Sports Creative on behalf of Cityzens Giving (Manchester City),, and in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

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