Solomon presents check to NEPCA to promote diversity in his community

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., continued his investment in diversity by presenting $30,000 in state funding to the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association.  

“The Northeast is powered by the diversity of our neighborhood, which makes it an amazing part of the city,” Solomon said. “We need to continue supporting diversity in our neighborhood by investing in organizations like NEPCA, which will help connect people with community, bridge cultural gaps, connect to city services and so much more.”  

Solomon said these funds will be used to help bridge cultural gaps by providing interpreters and connections to city services and more.  

“I am so grateful for you helping NEPCA get this $30,000 grant.” Pearl Hunh, leader at NEPCA, said to Solomon. “We want to just love and care, so this generation will grow up and take care of our community. Not only the Chinese, but for all the people that need help.” 

Councilman Anthony Phillips, state Rep. Anthony Bellmon and Former Councilwoman Maria Quiones-Sanchez joined Solomon in awarding the funding to the volunteers of NEPCA.  

Solomon said that Northeast Philadelphia is the fastest growing Chinese community in the entire city, and he is honored that they choose to call the Northeast home.