Kenyatta, Solomon’s election legislation voted out of State Govt. Committee

Bill would move the primary election to earlier date

Legislation to move the state’s primary election date to the first Tuesday in April authored by state Reps. Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta, both D-Phila., was approved today by the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee.  

The legislators said Pennsylvania is a pivotal battleground state when it comes to elections, yet currently the commonwealth is one of the last states to hold its primary election.  

“When I first introduced this bill I was hopeful this idea would get bicameral and bipartisan support. I’m proud that this idea has achieved both. Pennsylvania is literally the tipping-point state nationally and our voters deserve to have their voices heard as early as possible,” Kenyatta said.  

Unless the primary is changed by law, next year’s primary will be the fourth Tuesday in April, which is Passover.  

"Jewish Pennsylvanians shouldn't have to choose between celebrating Passover and going to the polls. We don’t want to have any tension between our religious beliefs and our civic duty,” Solomon said. “My legislation to move up Pennsylvania’s primary election would solve this issue while at the same time giving Pennsylvania more of a say in all future presidential races so that we are in the mix with other early states." 

They maintain that moving up the primary date would give Pennsylvania increased political weight commensurate with the state’s size and importance in deciding elections.  

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.