Bellmon and Solomon welcome funding to enhance safety along Castor Ave.

HARRISBURG, March 26 – State Reps. Anthony Bellmon and Jared Solomon, D-Phila., both reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing safety and economic growth along the Northeast business corridors by securing $1.3 million for the Castor Avenue Streetscape Project.

The project will address major safety concerns along almost 2 miles of Castor Avenue from north of Oxford Circle to Cottman Avenue. The affected segment was included in the City of Philadelphia’s High Injury Network in the 2020 Vision Zero Action Plan.

“The revitalization of the northeast business corridors has been an important priority of mine since I was elected,” Solomon said. “The implemented safety measures for the Castor Avenue Streetscape Project will not only decrease the number of accidents along one of our busiest corridors, but also provide an opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on increased foot traffic.”

From 2018-22 there were 197 crashes along Castor Avenue, five of which were fatalities.

“This $1.3 million investment in one of northeast Philadelphia’s most used business corridors will go a long way to making Castor Avenue a place where businesses can continue to thrive and both motorists and pedestrians alike can be safer,” Bellmon said. “I look forward to working with community members and local businesses on plans to improve the corridor to ensure this investment will benefit the entire community.“

The safety improvements include:

  • New planted center medians with left turn lanes at each city block.
  • New raised curb extensions and boarding islands for SEPTA trackless trolley stops.
  • Parking protected bike lanes.
  • Curb and sidewalk replacement.
  • Pedestrian scale lighting.
  • Planted greenery.
  • ADA-compliant curb ramps.

Solomon and Bellmon both share parts of Castor Avenue and said they look forward to working together to revitalize the northeast business corridors.