Chairwoman Davidson Announces PA House Southeast Delegation leadership team

Harrisburg, Jan. 17 - House Democratic Southeast Delegation Chairwoman Margo Davidson announced today that her leadership team for the 2019-20 session was ratified this week.

“I am proud of our leadership team, whose diversity of experience, skills and talents will assist me in providing critical guidance to the House’s largest delegation,” said Davidson, D-Delaware.

The leadership structure is divided into two levels with vice chairs who serve the entire delegation and regional vice chairs who are responsible for their geographical area.

The at-large vice chairs will each have specific areas of responsibility as well. The vice chairs are as follows: vice chair for freshmen and First Vice Chair-Designate Rep. Jennifer O’Mara; Senate liaison & Second Vice Chair-Designate Rep. Tina Davis; congressional liaison and Third Vice Chair-Designate Rep. Kevin Boyle and vice chair for policy and training and Fourth Vice Chair-Designate Rep. Mary Jo Daley.

The position of treasurer will be filled by Rep. Steve McCarter and secretary by Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio.

The regional vice chairs include Rep. Patty Kim for the South-Central region (York through Berks County), Rep. Carolyn Comitta for Chester County, Rep. Leanne Krueger for Delaware County, Rep. Liz Hanbidge for Montgomery County, Rep. Perry Warren for Bucks County and Rep. Maria Donatucci for Philadelphia.

Davidson was recently elected as the first African-American woman to head the powerful Democratic Southeastern Delegation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. She was a crucial negotiator in the Philadelphia and Southeast delegations' partnership that produced a major shift in Democratic Caucus leadership.

The chairwoman's ascent to leadership marked the latest in firsts for Davidson, who was also the first Democrat, the first African-American and the first woman to represent the 164th Legislative District, as well as being the first Delaware County Democratic woman ever elected to the state House. She also co-chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus of the Bipartisan Ladies of the House Caucus.