Davidson and Diamond announce Bipartisan Industrial Hemp Caucus

HARRISBURG, Feb. 5 A new legislative caucus, the Bipartisan Industrial Hemp Caucus, has been launched to promote and expand the industrial hemp industry in Pennsylvania, announced co-chairs state Reps. Margo L. Davidson and Russ Diamond today.

The bipartisan nature of the caucus underscores the importance of the industrial hemp industry to the entire commonwealth, and both parties’ legislative commitment to creating conditions for Pennsylvanians to grow an environmentally safe, profitable, sustainable, and in-demand product. The BIHC will seek to create a more attractive business environment and culture by spreading information about industrial hemp and its many applications.

“The industrial hemp industry perfectly synergizes our rural and urban economies. It will spur job development and create new profitable economic opportunities in our agriculture, research and development, and manufacturing sectors.” Davidson, D-Delaware, said. “Pennsylvania once led the nation in industrial hemp production, and we believe the BIHC will help grow our economy and put our Commonwealth on a path to once again be an industry leader.”

“No longer should the United States be dependent on over-priced foreign hemp manufacturers to make our products,” said Diamond., R-Lebanon. “I’m excited to get to work with my colleagues on some important bipartisan legislation as we seek to re-open Pennsylvania’s valuable industrial hemp market. We have the best workers and the best innovators in agriculture right here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We can be a leader in this market once again, and I look forward to helping bring forth this revival.”

Products containing industrial hemp include automobile dashboards, home insulation, building materials, soil fertilizer and food items.

The first meeting of the BIHC is planned for the end of March 2020.