UC Work Search Requirements Reinstated

Dear Neighbor,

The PA Department of Labor & Industry this week reinstated work search requirements for Pennsylvanians receiving unemployment benefits. The work search requirements resumed effective July 11. Because claimants always file for benefits the week after they are unemployed, individuals will start certifying they looked for work beginning July 18.

L&I strongly encourages job seekers to register on the PA CareerLink website or to reach out to their local PA CareerLink office directly to learn about the free programs and resources that are available, including:

  • Job search and training assistance.
  • Adult education classes and workshops.
  • Resume assistance.
  • Referral services to partners.

Locally, you can contact PA CareerLink by calling 215-781-1073 or 215-781-1086, by emailing bcummings@buckscareerlink.org, or by visiting the Bucks County Workforce Development Board website.

The Department of Human Services also provides employment and training programs that support job seekers specifically within low-income populations.

Employment and training programs and assistance are available for people who qualify for Medicaid, SNAP, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). These programs work closely with participants in identifying interests, goals and opportunities for job training or education to help them find a fulfilling career.

Applications for Medicaid, SNAP, TANF and other public assistance programs can be submitted online at compass.state.pa.us. You can also contact the Bucks County Assistance Office at 800-362-1291 or 215-781-3300.

What are work search requirements?

The requirement to search for work to receive UC benefits in Pennsylvania had been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the requirements have been reinstated, if you are receiving benefits through the unemployment program, you must indicate if you completed the work search requirements when you file weekly claims.

The basic work search requirements include applying for at least two jobs each week AND doing an approved work search activity, which are explained in detail online and in the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Handbook. Here are some examples of work search activities:

  • Attend a job fair.
  • Search positions posted on the PA CareerLink system or internet job banks.
  • Create or post a resume in the PA CareerLink system or other resume-posting service.
  • Contact people you know to make known your availability for employment or obtain information about employment opportunities.
  • Use an employment agency, employment registry or school placement service.
  • Take a civil service test or other pre-employment test.
  • Participate in a program/activity offered through the PA CareerLink system.

If you still have questions, contact my office, and we will help.

Thank you, and good luck.