Women’s Health Caucus’ #OptInPA: Roadmap to Medicaid Coverage 1-Year Postpartum for Pennsylvanians

The Women’s Health Caucus is in full support of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and all partners and providers in implementing a state plan to extend Medicaid coverage to one-year postpartum for Pennsylvanians by April 1, 2022.

This page is intended to serve as a hub of resources and information on the road to improving health outcomes across Pennsylvania, for communities impacted by the maternal mortality and postpartum health crisis. 

Feel free to share these resources amongst your networks and don’t forget to engage with us on social media using the #OptInPA. 

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Department of Human Services Partners with Hospitals to Enhance Maternal Health Services

(October 7, 2021)

Harrisburg, PA - The Department of Human Services (DHS) continues their focus on improving maternal health by today joining WellSpan Health and Representative Carol Hill-Evans to highlight the Wolf Administration’s leadership in developing best practices to support the health system’s work to improve screenings, follow-up, and use of treatment for perinatal depression. WellSpan York is one of 16 hospitals participating in the enhanced screening process using the framework established by Pennsylvania’s Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PQC), a partnership led by DHS and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, focused on improving identification and care for patients experiencing perinatal depression during or after pregnancy. Read more

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#optinPA -- A Roadmap to Medicaid coverage 1-year postpartum for Pennsylvanians

(October 7, 2021)

Feel free to share this resource among your networks and don’t forget to engage with the Women's Health Caucus on social media using the #OptInPA. Read more

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Pa. extends postpartum Medicaid coverage for pregnant persons

(August 6, 2021)

“I am grateful to House leadership for recognizing this and for working with the Women’s Health Caucus to get the message across – birthing people in Pennsylvania need access to care to improve maternal and child health outcomes. I am also grateful that the department recognizes the role they play in improving outcomes and has decided to act. Together we can make improvements for Pennsylvania’s families,” Cephas said. Read more


Women’s Health Caucus applauds DHS’s commitment to maternal health

(August 5, 2021)

Nationally, the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates when compared to similarly wealthy countries. Growing evidence shows that the postpartum period lasts longer than 60 days and extending coverage for a full year can reduce maternal mortality rates and improve outcomes for both mothers and children. Read more

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Why do Black American women die having babies?

(June 3, 2021)

Mary C. Curtis sits down with Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, President Joe Biden's pick to lead the task force on health equity. They discuss why Black people suffer disproportionately and what is being done to change the equation. Read more