Sturla reappointed to Special Education Funding Commission

HARRISBURG, Aug. 26 – State Rep. Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster and Democratic Policy Committee Chairman, today announced his reappointment to the Special Education Funding Commission.

“It is due to the important work of the Special Education Funding Commission and its reports that we have a better understanding of the long-term impact state funding has on the ability of schools to meet the needs of children with disabilities,” Sturla said. “I look forward to continuing to work on this commission, as well as the Basic Education Funding Commission, to ensure that together we are making the best recommendations for our children and increasing their chances at opportunities. It’s crucial that we take a strong interest in helping students achieve academically and fulfill their individual potential based on their needs.”

The Special Education Funding Commission has held public hearings throughout the state starting in 2013, receiving testimony from dozens of witnesses, including students, parents, educators, and national experts. All of which emphasized the long-term impact of investments in schools to set up the highly complex and costly set of supports and services needed to address all children’s needs.

Close to 320,000 children with disabilities, 18 percent of Pennsylvania students, receive special education services in Pennsylvania public schools. The range of disabilities is comprised of speech impairments, learning disabilities, orthopedic impairments, hearing or visual impairments, emotional disturbances, autism, intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and students with multiple disabilities or other health impairments.

Most of these children are included in regular classrooms and receive all or much of their instruction alongside students who do not have disabilities. In schools with adequate funding and resources, academic achievement for children with disabilities averages close to the results of students.

For more information, call Sturla’s district office at 717-295-3157.


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