Following months of calculated moves to subvert democracy and suppress the will of Pennsylvania voters, Harrisburg Republicans have continued making false claims leading up to the attempted coup an deadly insurrection in Washington, D.C. They repeatedly sowed doubt over the fair and accurate results of the 2020 election by misrepresenting facts and making baseless claims of fraud despite being unable to produce any evidence beyond hearsay. These irresponsible lies have been cited by the president for months and used to incite his followers. Rather than acknowledging some responsibility and expressing any contrition over their role, Harrisburg Republicans have doubled down and began the 2021-22 legislative session by bringing up divisive legislation to boost their political stronghold on the first day House standing committess formed.

If Harrisburg Republicans won't take responsibility for their actions and move toward bipartisan efforts to focus on people rather than politics, we must work together and use our voices to make the change we want to see. Join House Democrats in calling on Harrisburg Republicans to stop their political games and start focusing on working families, senior residents, veterans and Pennsylvanians' health and economic recovery from COVID-19, and to restore the people’s faith and work to strengthen the fabric of our sacred democracy.  

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Do the right thing to restore the people’s faith and strengthen the fabric of our sacred democracy.

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For too long, too many Republican leaders at all levels of government put party and political ambition over country and constitution. Our nation’s Capitol has now been desecrated and  insurrection ensued. The Republican leaders who stoked the violence knew better, but didn’t have the courage to tell people the truth.

While the horrors played out over several hours that day, the seeds for this violence, treachery and destruction were sown over months by people in chief positions of power who refused to accept the results of a duly run election.

Peace at the Capitol has thankfully been restored, but the damage that was done to our democracy will not be fixed if you do not stand on the side of decency and urge responsible governing.

Please do the right thing -- the patriotic thing – by putting country over party and work to restore the people’s faith by denouncing the actions that led to this sedition. I urge you to stop pushing legislation to consolidate political power in the legislature and judiciary and start focusing on working families, senior residents, veterans and Pennsylvanians' health and economic recovery from COVID-19. Please work to restore the people’s faith and work to strengthen the fabric of our sacred democracy. 

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