January 22 marked 50 years since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that finally gave pregnant people agency over their bodies and made abortion legal throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the current Supreme Court overturned Roe last summer, paving the way for states to ban abortion and restrict other critical reproductive health services. This past November, voters across America and in Pennsylvania sent a clear message: pregnant people are not ready to give up their bodily autonomy or their right to make reproductive care decisions for themselves and their families.

Because state laws are now all we have to ensure access to abortion and other reproductive care, we need to continue fighting to protect the right of every person to make those decisions without interference from Harrisburg. The fact that a person can get pregnant should not cancel those rights.

Even in the face of last November’s rejection of their extreme position on women’s autonomy and reproductive care, some Republicans in Harrisburg continue to push legislation that would interfere with people’s health choices, including restricting and even outlawing abortion care. We are determined not to let them succeed.

House Democrats are committed to allowing people to make their own decisions regarding reproductive care and keeping politicians out of doctors’ offices. We are determined not to let politicians in Harrisburg put your life or the lives of your family, friends and neighbors at risk by eliminating access to these essential health service.

Join us and make your voice heard.

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Harrisburg should not control people’s reproductive care decisions

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The choices that get made concerning reproductive health care are personal and complex, so complex that extremists trying to interfere with these decisions can’t even agree on exactly when they should be restricted or banned.

I stand with the House Democrats and the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians who support abortion access and the right to make personal reproductive care decisions. Stop pushing restrictions on essential health care and threatening to jail the doctors and nurses who provide it.

Protect abortion access in Pennsylvania!

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