PA House passes bill protecting food donors

HARRISBURG, July 8 – Today, the Pennsylvania House passed legislation (H.B. 2286) that would increase surplus food stock for those in need by expanding donor protections.

This bipartisan bill, introduced by state Reps. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., and David Rowe, R-Union/Juniata/Mifflin/Snyder, would expand the current immunity from liability for donated food explicitly to include food that has exceeded the labeled shelf-life date but is still fit for human consumption.

In Pennsylvania, the donation of food to nonprofit food recovery organizations is protected from limited civil and criminal liability through the Donated Food Limited Liability Act and a provision in Title 42. However, the donation of foods past their recommended label code date is not explicitly protected from liability.

“Over 1.2 million Pennsylvanians face food insecurity -- over a quarter of them are kids,” Khan said. “Our bipartisan bill is a win for struggling families, for businesses who are donating these goods, and for our environment as it significantly minimizes waste.”

This bill now heads to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration.