Ullman: Telephone town hall a success

DOYLESTOWN, Aug. 22 – State Rep. Wendy Ullman, D-Bucks, hosted a telephone town hall on Wednesday evening to discuss the upcoming session in Harrisburg and issues such as transportation, gun safety, the environment, and property taxes.

“I appreciated everyone who took the time join the telephone town hall to share what is most important to them,” Ullman said. “I’ll be taking this information with me back to Harrisburg.”

The 50-minute town hall was divided into two parts: polling questions on which listeners could vote and live questions from some attendees to which the representative responded.

Respondents said that the biggest issue facing the 143rd Legislative District was roads and infrastructure (57%), followed by access to health care (21%), schools (15%) and jobs (6%). 

An overwhelming percentage of respondents (88%) voted that gas drilling companies which use hydro-fracking technology should be required to pay their fair share as they do in other states.

In order to stop school shootings, 51% percent of respondents said that military-style assault weapons should be banned and 24% said that background checks should be required for every firearm purchase.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents voted that Pennsylvania should follow the lead of New Jersey, New York, Ohio and other surrounding states to raise the minimum wage.

“Residents in the 143rd are very informed and passionately engaged with local and state issues,” Ullman said. “As their legislator, I will fight to have their voices heard in Harrisburg.”