Ullman: Doylestown’s first Pride Parade: A celebration of diversity and inclusivity

I was tremendously proud to attend Doylestown’s first Pride Festival this weekend. 

Proud of the dynamic community effort to pull together this event in seven intense months of brainstorming, planning, and follow through.

Proud of the hundreds and hundreds of attendees who came from near and far to celebrate our diverse voices. 

Proud of our young people, many from the Rainbow Room, whose joyous voices are unstoppable instruments of social change. 

Proud of our seniors, who give testimony to the LGBTQ community’s past and incredible progress, men and women for whom the brutality that sparked the Stonewall Riots and the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic are not historical events but integral parts of their life stories. 

Proud of our police officers who handled protestors respectfully and professionally so that First Amendment rights were protected while this joyful celebration went on all around them.

Proud of elected officials like our Mayor, Ron Strouse, and my colleagues in the State House, past and present, who are actively working to expand legal protections and privileges to the LGBTQ community so that one day soon we will ALL be equal in the eyes of the law.

Many local, municipal, cultural and non-profit organizations came together to put on this 3-day celebration of the LGBTQ community. We owe the organizers and supporters a huge debt of gratitude for putting on this event: Discover Doylestown, the Borough of Doylestown, Borough Council, Delaware Valley University, the Michener Art Museum, Marlene Pray of the Rainbow Room, Pastor of Salem United Church David Green, A Woman’s Place, and local businesses. I also want to single out the Central Bucks Regional Police for ensuring public order and safety during the three-day Pride Festival.

Gay Pride Month and Doylestown’s Pride Festival this weekend remind us that our voices matter. By working together, we can be an unstoppable force for positive social change. 

Perhaps by the second annual Pride Festival next June, some of the proposed LGBTQ Rights legislation, like the Civil Rights Protection Act (HB 1404), ensuring fairness in housing and employment, protection against discrimination in the credit industry and mortgage consideration, and protection of minors from so-called “Conversion Therapy” will finally be reality.

Rep. Wendy Ullman serves the 143rd District.