Vitali calls for action on gun bills during Delaware County rally

MEDIA, April 5 – State Rep. Greg Vitali joined lawmakers and organizers from Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy at the county courthouse steps today to call for the advancement of H.B. 1400, for universal background checks on gun sales in Pennsylvania, and H.B. 1872, a statewide ban on multiburst trigger activators, including bump stocks.

Vitali, D-Delaware/Montgomery, is a cosponsor of both bills and said he hopes that the legislation will receive prompt votes following a set of public hearings on gun bills slated for next week in Harrisburg. 

“The issue of gun violence prevention has hit its tipping point, and it’s time these commonsense bills become law,” he said. “Expanded background checks for gun shows and private sales are widely supported by Pennsylvanians. A ban on devices designed to turn rifles into illegal machine guns is also supported by most Americans, especially since one was used in the Las Vegas shooting in October, our nation’s most deadly mass shooting.

“The reaction to the most recent mass shooting in Parkland has shed much-needed light on the dark affairs that suppress the passage of sensible gun safety laws, and we lawmakers are here to pressure leaders in the Capitol so we can vote in the interests of our constituents.”

The public hearings, called for by the House Judiciary Committee, will take place Monday through Thursday.

Vitali also is a cosponsor of the following gun-related bills.

  • H.B. 194 – Assault weapons ban

  • H.B. 832 – Mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms

  • H.B. 2112 – Ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines

  • H.B. 2109 – Authorizing the issuance of temporary firearm restraining orders by courts

  • H.B. 2146 – Establishing an advisory committee on gun violence prevention in schools