PA House Insurance Committee votes three bills out of committee

HARRISBURG, April 24 – Today, the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee approved three bills that would give insurance consumers more rights and information, including a bill to expand coverage of breast cancer screening.

House Bill 739 was introduced by Insurance Committee Chairman Kevin Boyle, D-Phila. This bill would require insurance companies and agents to develop cybersecurity policies and report cybersecurity events to the Insurance commissioner.

Boyle said this bill ultimately aims to put policies in place that would make it very difficult for insurance consumers’ information to be breached or stolen, and make it easier to protect them if a breach occurs.

“It’s important we make sure that insurance consumers are protected from scams and from having their electronic personal information stolen,” Boyle said. “Having cybersecurity policies in place and preventing breaches before they occur is a step in the right direction to ensure this for consumers. I am very pleased to see this bill voted out of committee and hope to see it signed into law to protect Pennsylvania insurance consumers.”

House Bill 735 was introduced by state Rep. Perry Warren, D-Bucks. This legislation would establish the Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force, which would explore how to combat high flood insurance premiums.

“This is the third time my Flood Insurance Premium Task Force bill has been reported out of the House Insurance Committee,” Warren said. “This time, I hope the Senate will vote on the bill and stand up for property owners and renters near Pennsylvania’s waterways.

“Establishing a task force that will look to lower the cost of premiums and improve analysis would help make the cost of flood protection and peace of mind more affordable, while mitigating the damage caused by floods when they do occur.”

Senate Bill 8 was introduced by Senate Pro Tempore Kim Ward, R-Westmoreland. This legislation would require health insurance coverage of breast cancer genetic counseling and testing without cost-sharing. It also would eliminate cost-sharing for breast MRIs for women with increased breast cancer risk factors.

Boyle voiced his support of this bill aiming to protect women’s health and pointed out the bipartisan support for it.

“As chairman of the House Insurance Committee, I’m proud to move S.B. 8 to the House floor,” Boyle said. “It’s vital to protect women’s health, especially when it pertains to breast cancer. The passage of this bill out of committee shows that when Democrats and Republicans come together, and put the people of Pennsylvania first, we can deliver necessary help to them on crucial issues like breast cancer.”

Each bill will move to the House chamber for a vote in the near future.