Tell PennDOT that Yardley and Lower Makefield aren’t safe shortcuts

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Please ask the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to place weight restrictions on Main Street (Taylorsville/Yardley-Morrisville Road/Pine Grove Road) and River Road (Delaware Avenue) in Yardley and Lower Makefield Township by signing this petition.

In an effort to reduce the frequency of trucks from taking a shortcut through our residential communities in Yardley and Lower Makefield Township, I have proposed that weight and tractor-trailer restrictions be added to Main Street beginning at the interchange with Interstate 95 and continuing to the intersection at Big Oak Road.

I also have proposed that restrictions be placed on State Route 32 beginning at the intersection with Woodside Road and continuing to the intersection at East Ferry Road.

Among the reasons trucks cut through our downtown are to avoid I-95 weigh station, the traffic on I-95 or the Route 1 toll bridge, and, turning our neighborhoods into truck thoroughfares is not fair or safe for residents.

PennDOT determined the Main Street/River Road shortcut is safe for truck traffic and that the roads can handle the truck traffic.  Join me in asking PennDOT to reevaluate this position. 

By completing this online petition, you are helping me make the case for legislative action, because PennDOT has indicated that given its position that the shortcut through our downtown does not present a safety hazard, it will not act on this truck shortcut problem.

Thank you for your support and for helping your neighbors!