Rep. Ben Waxman, Sen. Nikil Saval, Friends of Rittenhouse Square Celebrate Lawn Restoration Project

Philadelphia, March 17—Today State Senator Nikil Saval and State Representative Ben Waxman joined the Friends of Rittenhouse Square to update and celebrate the ongoing work on behalf of one of Philadelphia’s most beloved parks.  

“Rittenhouse Square is truly one of Pennsylvania's treasures and among the best parks in the nation,” said Representative Waxman. “I am incredibly pleased that the Friends of Rittenhouse Square have received this state funding to help finance their Lawn Restoration Project so that future visitors can enjoy this extraordinary public space for years to come.”

“One of the oldest and most successful public spaces in the country, Rittenhouse Square is the heritage of every Philadelphian," said Senator Saval. “Its tall trees, bench-lined paths, and expansive lawns are instantly recognizable—iconic after 300 years of use, and welcoming to all. The Friends of Rittenhouse Square work tirelessly to safeguard the health and vitality of the park for all who love it and depend on it. I’m so proud to support their work.”

The people and businesses that make up the Friends of Rittenhouse Square shoulder the bulk of the work that sustains Rittenhouse Square, ensuring the park and neighborhood remain vibrant through regular and seasonal maintenance and special projects to address the ever-changing needs of the park and surrounding community. 

“Our team works hard each and every day to keep the Square at its best, for all the people who visit this iconic landscape,” said June Armstrong, Executive Director of Friends of Rittenhouse Square. “We are so grateful to Senator Saval and Representative Waxman for believing in the power of public spaces like Rittenhouse Square, and we look forward to putting this incredible state funding opportunity to good use.”

Senator Saval and Representative Waxman successfully advocated for the Friends of Rittenhouse Square to receive a $200,000 state grant to support the ambitious Lawn Restoration Project: a four-year undertaking to fully restore all 140,000 square feet of the park’s sweeping public lawns. The grant comes from the Commonwealth’s Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program, which allocates funds to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance public parks, recreation areas, greenways, trails, and river conservation. 

Full video coverage of the event is accessible here.