Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Thanks to Montgomery County student Bethany Belkowski for the following write-up of our National Nutrition Month Field Day!

On March 31st, state Rep. Joe Webster hosted an event for the residents of the 150th District in support of National Nutrition Month. Webster, joined by other local leaders, invited the community to a day of physical activity and fun where information was provided on local nutrition programs available to residents. 

The event promoted healthy living and lifestyle through diet, exercise, and play. Basketballs, hula hoops and other sports equipment were provided for the enjoyment of all those who attended. Webster even got in on the fun and joined a friendly game of tug of war, but was bested by the persistence of the opposing team made up of children, adults, and staff members alike.

Co-hosts included state Reps. Joe Ciresi, Tim Briggs and Matt Bradford and state Sen. Katie Muth, and support was provided by the Norristown Area School District and other organizations.