Wheatley: Allegheny County to move to green reopening designation

PITTSBURGH, May 29 – Allegheny County will be allowed to move from the yellow to green reopening designation, effective 12:01 a.m. on Friday, June 5, said state Rep. Jake Wheatley.

“Our county has made progress in flattening the curve and curbing the virus’ spread, and today’s announcement is welcome news and will allow more of our businesses to reopen,” said Wheatley. “Moving forward, we need to ensure we continue to do our part and follow the health guidelines and help our communities heal from the impacts of this pandemic.” 

Wheatley said state and Centers for Disease Control health guidelines must be followed during the green reopening phase, and health officials will continue to monitor public health indicators and adjust orders and restrictions on counties as needed.

Counties in the green designation must follow these restrictions:

Work-related restrictions:

  • Continued telework strongly encouraged.
  • Businesses with in-person operations must follow updated business and building safety requirements.
  • All businesses operating at 50% occupancy in the yellow phase may increase to 75% occupancy.
  • Childcare facilities may open and must comply with state guidelines.
  • Congregate care restrictions in place.
  • Prison and hospital restrictions determined by individual facilities.
  • Schools subject to CDC and state guidance.

Social restrictions:

  • Large gatherings of more than 250 persons prohibited.
  • Restaurants and bars can open at 50% occupancy.
  • Personal care services (including hair salons and barber shops) can open at 50% occupancy and by appointment only.
  • Indoor recreation, health and wellness businesses and personal care services (including gyms and spas) open at 50% occupancy with appointments strongly encouraged.
  • All entertainment facilities (including casinos, theaters and shopping malls) open at 50% occupancy.
  • Construction activity may return to full capacity with continued implementation of protocols.

More information on the state’s reopening plan can be found at this link: https://www.governor.pa.gov/process-to-reopen-pennsylvania/