Wheatley reminds health care professionals of upcoming deadline to renew license with Pa. Department of State

PITTSBURGH, March 31 – Many health care professionals in Pennsylvania who have not applied for license renewal with the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Board of Medicine only have until April 30 to do so.

Wheatley, D-Allegheny, who serves as Democratic chairman of the House Professional Licensure Committee, said despite a recent 90-day extension that allowed licensees additional time to renew, there are many who have not applied.

“Health care professionals who wait to reapply could put themselves at risk of their license expiring before the State Board of Medicine can process their renewal application,” said Wheatley. “That could mean that physicians whose license have not been renewed could find themselves unable to practice. In addition, the board will be reviewing many recent graduate license applications, which consume a great deal of time, so it is vital that health care providers submit their license renewals as soon as possible.”

“While the pandemic certainly prompted licensing extensions, it is imperative our health care providers are property licensed,” said state Rep. Anita Kulik, D-Allegheny, who is also a member of the House Professional Licensure Committee. “I would strongly encourage these providers to renew their licenses as soon as possible, notably since there are many who have not applied for this renewal and could find themselves unavailable to safely practice, come April 30.”

Wheatley added that the department will not be extending the renewal deadline past April 30. Health care professionals can apply for renewals at the Pennsylvania Licensing System website at www.pals.pa.gov