Sign here to support legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania.

It's time for PA to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use!

I've introducecd legislation to legalize the sale of cannabis for adult recreational use in Pennsylvania, and I’m asking for your support.

Legalizing cannabis – which is already permitted for medical use here in the commonwealth – would yield tremendous benefits for our state.

  • The commonwealth would realize millions in tax revenue. A recent report by state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale estimated that legalizing cannabis could generate more than $580 million in annual tax revenue for Pennsylvania.

  • Legalization would save the state’s taxpayers millions in enforcement, prosecution and other criminal justice costs while freeing up law enforcement resources to fight serious crime.

  • Legalization would provide a lucrative cash crop for the state’s farmers.

  • Statistics show that prohibition has failed to reduce access in any significant way to this relatively safe drug.

  • Continued prohibition fuels organized crime, for whom cannabis is a No. 1 money-maker.

  • Continued prohibition perpetuates a deeply unfair racial impact: Although African-American adults and white adults use cannabis at a similar rate, studies show that African-Americans are much more likely to be arrested. In fact, a 2017 analysis of Pennsylvania arrest data found that African-American adults were 8.2 times more likely than white adults to be arrested for possession. 

  • There are proven benefits to legalization. Nine other states and the District of Columbia, which have already legalized cannabis for adult use, are realizing millions in tax revenue while benefiting from reduced spending and criminal justice costs.

  • More than 52,000 patients have already registered for the commonwealth’s successful medical cannabis program.

  • Recent polls show that a solid majority of the commonwealth’s residents already support legalization.

My bill would also expunge criminal records for cannabis-related convictions that would have been considered lawful under the act.

It’s time to end the 21st-century version of prohibition, stop squandering billions of dollars in revenue and balance our budget!

Thank you for your support.