Williams announces $730K grant for Mortonville Road improvements

EAST FALLOWFIELD, Nov. 12 – State Rep. Dan Williams, D-Chester, announced a $730,000 grant today to help fund roadway improvements and a stabilization system on Mortonville Road in East Fallowfield Township, Chester County.

The grant, through the Multimodal Transportation Fund, was approved today by the Commonwealth Financing Authority. Williams wrote a letter in support of the project.

“I strongly support East Fallowfield Township’s application for the MTF funding,” Williams wrote. “The efforts [East Fallowfield] Township officials have made to improve the wellbeing of their residents is truly commendable and forward thinking.”

The project will rehabilitate the road surface after the installation of a permanent roadway stabilization system and storm water drainage system along 502 linear feet of Mortonville Road north of the intersection with Strasburg Road and south of the intersection with Saw Mill Road.

Williams noted that a heavy rain event eroded the structural integrity of the embankment so severely that East Fallowfield Township has been forced to close traffic in one direction since 2014.

The project will provide the stabilization and drainage measures necessary to avoid a complete roadway closure. A soil nail wall reinforced with shotcrete, horizontal drains and a geosynthetic confined soil retaining wall would be part of a more permanent solution that would enable the township to keep the roadway open in both lanes.

“As our infrastructure ages and climate change forces even more drastic weather swings, we must continually assess the integrity of our roads and bridges and stay active on improvements,” Williams said. “East Fallowfield Township is on top of this, and I thank PennDOT for supporting our community by restoring this road.”

The total cost of the project is estimated at $2.22 million.

Multimodal Transportation Funds encourage economic development and ensure that safe and reliable transportation is available to residents of Pennsylvania.